Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marcus Intalex 21 [Soul:r]

Marcus Intalex 21 (Soul:r)So finally, after writing music for over a decade and solo for the past seven years, Mancunian dnb hero Marcus Intalex has finally completed his first solo album - 21.

Named for his 21 years in the industry as a DJ, record label boss and producer, 21 is a collection of mostly dnb tunes, but also a few tunes at 130/140 bpm, with collaborations with SPY, Lynx, Fierce, Calibre, Zed Bias and DRS.

Not officially out until the 25th April, you can purchase 21 early from the fantastic A Bunch of Cuts website. Get involved!

1 Make A Raise (feat. S.P.Y. & Ras Tweed)
2 Climbing Up The Walls (feat. Lynx & Danny Fierce)
3 Meltdown (feat. Calibre)
4 Hot Hands
5 Dusk
6 Celestial Navigation (feat. S.P.Y.)
7 Paulista (feat. S.P.Y.)
8 TB Or Not TB?
9 Regrets (feat. Riya)
10 Wacky Races
11 Strangeways (feat. Zed Bias)
12 Make Way (feat. DRS)

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