Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dubstep mix for your Monday morning aural pleasure

DJ Fiend @ Tranquera April 9 2010

Bringing back oh-so-fond memories of my recent trip to Brasil, here's the dubstep set I recorded for my debut at Tranquera in April.

If you don't know Tranquera, they are THE dubstep crew in Sao Paulo. Great crew. Passionate headz. Cool music. Biggup Tranquera!!

Track Listing
1. 'Soul Control' Theo Parrish
2. 'Zilch Dub' James Fox
3. 'Love Cry' Joy Orbison
4. 'Get Nacked' Ruckspin
5. 'Memories' Pangaea
6. 'Rut' Joe
7. 'Reminissin' Geiom
8. 'Put It Back' James Fox (Ramadanman refix)
9. 'Get It' Grand Puba (Caspa 80Eighties Rmx)
10. 'Trackside' Sully
11. 'I know It's You' Dj Madd
12. 'Come With Me' Synkro
13. 'Beautiful Complication' Guido
14. 'How Do You Like Me Now' Joker Rmx
15. 'Tek No Dub' ST Files
16. 'Hyph Mngo' Joy Orbison
17. 'Acid Bells' Martyn
18. 'Archangel' Burial (Boy 8-Bits Simple Rmx)
19. 'Strobe Lick' Cosmin TRG
20. 'Wile Out Feat. Ms Dynamite' Zinc
21. 'Sex At The Prom' Headhunter
22. 'Are You Dizzy' Enigma
23. 'Cruel Intentions Feat. eth Ditto' Joker Rmx
24. 'Digi Design' Joker
25. 'Pleasure' Benga

Download the mp3 here (right-click save link as)