Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An introduction to C.R.S.T


As with a lot of the new music that we're loving right now, we came across C.R.S.T on Soundcloud and recently some lovely bits and pieces of theirs seem to be cropping up in the mixes of people like XXXY. They are a production team (Chesus, Rodski, Stroud and Tony) from South Wales and they are definitely a force to watch in the Garage/2Step/Funky world. Our forthcoming favourites are Dial The Operator (coming out soon on Well Rounded) and their beautiful remix of The XX - Shelter.

Shelter - The XX (C.R.S.T Rmx) by C.R.S.T

Dial the Operator - C.R.S.T by C.R.S.T

We got to know them a little bit better and now you can to.

You’re reasonably new to us, but are you new to producing?
We've only been producing together for about 8 months but Tony used to make drum and bass for years and Chesus is also known as Metabeats and is one half of the Darkhouse family, check out their myspace for the freshness...

How did you first get into producing and/or deejaying?
Chesus, Stroud and Tony all played garage many moons ago and got into both producing and deejaying through that, Rodski first starting playing sets of a bit of everything but started to concentrate more on producing through making baltimore with Chesus.

What was the first piece of vinyl you bought? and the last?
Chesus first= Fire - Demolition Man last= Ricochet - Tangerine Dream
Rodski first= 2 remixes by AFX - AFX last= Serato
Stroud first= Thriller - Michael jackson last= Cosmogramma - Flying Lotus
Tony first= Mercenary Cuts - DJ Della last= Return to the temple EP - Break

What's your favorite album cover?
Chesus = The George Duke/Billy Cobham Band - Live in Europe
Rodski = The George Duke/Billy Cobham Band - Live in Europe
Stroud = Nirvana - Nevermind
Tony = Basement Jaxx - Rooty

Which producers are you loving right now?
Flying Lotus, Girl Unit, Lorn, Audio, Joe, Prince, Dem 2 and Todd Edwards

What releases can we expect to see from you in the near future?
We got EP's out soon on Ten Thousand Yen, Well Rounded, Catapult, No Hats No Hoods and then a load of releases on Cheap Thrills....

Check out more C.R.S.T with their Dubplates 2 mix for a taste of their niceness to come.
C.R.S.T Dubplates 2 Mixtape by C.R.S.T

Also C.R.S.T on Mypsace here