Friday, July 9, 2010

Two things im excited about

It's a great time for new album releases. Especially on the innovative side of things. Check out the two things i'm excited about.

First thing: Next week sees the release of the Mount Kimbie Crooks & Lovers album on Hotflush Recordings.
As with all the music that I love at the moment, Mount Kimbie are impossible to catagorise, but for the sake of our little blog, let's call it weirdstep. I've listened to the promo CD and I can say that this album is going to be a instant classic for music nerds (im one of them) around the world. Mount Kimbie on Myspace

- - - - TRACKLIST - - - -
01. Tunnelvision
02. Would Know
03. Before I Move Off
04. Blind Night Errand
05. Adriatic
06. Carbonated
07. Ruby
08. Ode to Bear
09. Field
10. Mayor
11. Between Time

Second thing: Exit Records Presents Steve Spacek 'Black Pocket' the album.
Everyone knows i'm a massive fan of Steve Spacek. His voice could make the heart of the abominable snow man melt. I've had the good fortune of supporting Steve at several of his Melbourne shows and he's a talented man to say the least. Im also a big fan of Exit Records so this is a release that isn't going to pass me by. And it shouldn't you either if you have a soul.

- - - - TRACKLIST - - - -
01 For Real
02 Mountain
03 Juiced
04 Field
05 Sta Simonez
06 Sta Simone
07 Other Magic
08 Amplify
09 Bartn Groov
10 Hangin St
11 Vandlance
12 Al Softly
13 Thankyou & Credits
14 Thankyou & A Bit More Credit
15 Look Over Honey
16 Cyborg
17 Boungie

more info here

Steve Spacek on Myspace