Saturday, April 13, 2013

Contakt 'Nobody Else' forthcoming Icee Hot

Contakt (Turrbotax, NY) did an awesome, exclusive mix for Allsorts last year and now he has a new EP dropping next week, April 15, on San Francisco label Icee Hot.

Contakt has previously released music for labels such as Local Action, Grizzly, and Dutty Artz, but this new release - "Nobody Else" and "Tessera 04" - is something of an evolution for him, delivering tunes that are richer and more deeply realized than his past releases.

On the B-side, ICEE HOT resident Ghosts on Tape remixes "Nobody Else" and Detroit legend Robert Hood takes on "Tessera 04". This is a quality release with four uniquely playable offerings. Check it out!

Forthcoming vinyl/digital April 15
A1. Nobody Else
A2. Tessera 04
B1. Nobody Else (Ghosts On Tape Remix)
B2. Tessera 04 (Robert Hood Remix)