Monday, July 30, 2012

Blind Prophet 'Relying on Luck' EP

Joe Burns, AKA Blind Prophet is a talented, young, NYC music producer and DJ. His signature style can probably be described as Future Garage-esque, peppered with house and techno influences. He's had a string of releases on established labels since he debuted in 2010, such as LS2 and Haunted Audio. For his latest EP 'Relying on Luck', Burns eschews a label release in favour of utilizing the popular Bandcamp site to self-release.

The EP is a collection of 6 polished tunes, with punchy beats, moody strings and interesting synth patterns and the EP includes a colab with Kid Smpl and a remix of a tune by Delete called Neva.

The EP is a out tomorrow, but you can pre-order now on his Bandcamp here