Friday, October 7, 2011

DJ Presha House/Techno mix

Most of you will be familiar with NZ's (now Berlin's) DJ Presha from the excellent Samurai Music record label, his DNB sets around the world and his Samurai Music podcasts. But what a lot of you may not know is that our good friend DJ Presha is also a secret House and Techno DJ.

Well not really that much of a secret to those that know him well. House and Techno was actually the music that Presha started his DJ career playing (after an illustrious career as a punk rocker!).

We have been trying to convince him to grow his hair, dye it blonde and sweep it to one side, to really fit with the German House/Techno aesthetic, but prior to getting to that point, he has recorded an excellent, exclusive mix for Allsorts representing this new side of his persona.

There's no tracklist, because this epic, nearly 2.5 hour mix was recorded almost exclusively from vinyl and who has time to write all those tunes down? But within it you'll find music from Tevo Howard, Levon Vincent, Omar S, Kassem Mosse, Dj Qu, Fred P, Marcel Dettmann, Redshape, Marcellus Pittman, Big Strick, Ryo Murakami and Conforce.

Download Presha House/Techno mix here

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