Sunday, February 13, 2011

FaltyDL 'You Stand Uncertain' album on Planet Mu

FaltyDL (aka Drew Lustman) is one of the interesting crop of producers who emerged at the latter part of the last decade in a flurry of genre-destroying glory (think Mt Kimbie, Joy Orbison, James Blake etc.). His unique fusions of dubstep, electronica, UK garage, hip-hop, house and disco has found its way into the hearts and DJ sets of many around the world (myself definitely included).

Following up his 2009 debut Love is a Liability on Planet Mu, the latest FaltyDL album boasts a far wider range of sounds, styles and tempos. The album features the producer's first foray into working with vocalists - two collaborations with Lily McKenzie and one with Blue Daisy vocalist Anneka - to lovely effect.

You can take a listen to clips for all the tracks on the album at the Planet Mu website

Album tracklisting:

1. Gospel Of Opal (fat. Anneka)
2. The Pacifist
3. Open Space
4. Brazil (feat Lily McKenzie)
5. Eight Eighteen Ten
6. It’s All Good
7. You Stand Uncertain
8. Lucky Luciano
9. Voyager
10. Tell Them Stories
11. Play With My Heart
12. Waited Patiently (feat. Lily McKenzie)

You Stand Uncertain
will be released by Planet Mu on March 14.