Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Krunchtime

Before I was most kindly sent to download this mix by Georgia Dust, I was Miss drumnbass. Drumnbass drumnbass drumnbass. With a little hip hop thrown in for good measure.

After listening to this Dubkrunch Summer 2008 dubstep mix my eyes and ears were opened. Such a fresh new sound. And I had to be a part of it. And now I am. So now you can call me Miss dnb-dubstep-house-broken-beat. Because that's not a mouth full at all.

The tracklist includes gems from Martyn, 2562, TRG, Ramadanman and Benga - all on the techno influenced dubstep tip that Georgia Dust and I love so much.

martyn - suburbia
2562 - techodread
kode9 - den of drumz rmx
martyn - epileptic rmx
benga - z
peverelist - infinity is now
ramadanman - carla
martyn - vancouver
martyn - all i have is memories
benga - ?
reso - brass eye rmx
dusk & blackdown - focus
2562 - enforcers
benga - out of phaze
benny page - step out
zomby - strange fruit

Visit the Krunchtime blog to download this awesome mix